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Cracking Solution for Developing Leaders & Teams

Cornerstone Growth Edition

For some time I have been trying to find a tool or platform which helps facilitate the work I have done with teams and leaders of teams. A little while back I came across the Cornerstone system and was intrigued. So I reached out and started working to understand if it could be a link between the work of a facilitator and coach when you have groups together from a business with the aim of improving performance and helping them make their team better.

In Cornerstone I think I have found a great technology ally that when combined with effective group facilitation and one on one coaching can make a significant difference. Importantly there are no silver bullets with these process and connecting parts. Its all still requires effort, learning and commitment. This combination however is a pretty good solution for creating more real time reflection and feedback loops along with the opportunities to improve relationships with peer, reports and managers. 

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