QUALIA EXPLAINED but still needs to be experienced

In an article "Epiphenomenal Qualia" (1982),[14] Frank Jackson offers what he calls the "knowledge argument" for qualia. One example runs as follows:

Mary the color scientist knows all the physical facts about color, including every physical fact about the experience of color in other people, from the behaviora particular color is likely to elicit to the specific sequence of neurological firings that register that a color has been seen. However, she has been confined from birth to a room that is black and white, and is only allowed to observe the outside world through a black and white monitor. When she is allowed to leave the room, it must be admitted that she learns something about the color red the first time she sees it — specifically, she learns what it is like to see that color.



Qualia is about the quality of something. It's the experience we need to have to truely know and understand something. Its the ah-ha moment we have when the penny drops and things click into place. When the perspective we take becomes congruent. For any high performers, any masters of their craft it requires a depth of knowing and understanding combined with the capability to do, execute and perform which is more complete and integrated.

Its when intention and action are one, planning and performance harmonised, hopes and desires are realised. Its the I now 'get it' expression we use for ourselves and others. It's the node or smile of recognition and respect we experience when the fullest quality of our experience is seen, felt, known, expressed and related. You can't know all of something without experiencing it in some way.

Like any successful and effective performer, artist, designer, leader, team member, collaborator, thinker, disruptor, manager, presenter, facilitator, coach or athlete to be fully capable, coherent, comprehensive, deliberate, influential, fundamentally versed in their field they need to be experienced, to have experienced, to have reflected on experiencing, be able to imagine future experiences, to have been in the room, on the road, part of the process, involved with them, part of it, and done it, in some form or way which enables greater awareness, understanding and capacity to make it count.