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MOJO interview about peaking, repeat peaking and realisations


MOJO interview about peaking, repeat peaking and realisations


A look back during the year I had the chance to reflect on a meeting and subsequent first interview with Gary Bertwhistle, MOJO Radio. We were enjoying being part of the Tour de Cure signature ride from Brisbane to Sydney. This was an absolutely amazing event which you can read more about 'Wouldn't it be awesome to cure cancer.' Gary is one of the founders of this great event and charity. Our chat that night was free flowing and great fun sharing insights and learnings after many years in striving for peak performance.

Our first interview was an impromptu chat a few days into the tour ride. After which Gary asked if we could do another interview and for so many reasons I agreed. This is the second instalment and along with Gary leading the change we got to explore some fantastic topics.

The MOJO Radio podcast has so many gems which can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere.

Winning gold means you delivered the right performance at exactly the right moment.
— Drew Ginn on 'The Mojo Radio Show'


How to Prepare Yourself to Produce your Best Result in the Moment. 

Judging by the feedback we receive from you all, it’s fair to say our audience is very interested in the Olympic thinking. Due to his popularity, Drew Ginn is a return guest to the show. Drew is an champion Australian rower and is a five-time world champion and triple Olympic gold medallist. In addition, recently he took on the world 24hr outdoor track record where he rode 836k in 24hrs.

Winning gold means you delivered the right performance at exactly the right moment.... we uncover how! Learn steps and tools you can apply everyday to unlock your own personal greatness in and out of work, and most importantly learn to be in the moment. Useable, practical tips we can all apply!

  • What is the main characteristic of Olympic thinking?
  • Handling the emotional highs and lows in oder to produce and perform.
  • Steps or processes Drew has learnt to help us cope with our emotions.
  • A profound moment that brings you to the moment…. in the zone!
  • How to prepare yourself to produce the best result in the moment that counts?
  • An event that had a real impact on Drew Ginn as a man.
  • Finding the greatness that exists within all of us.
  • Taking on the world 24hr outdoor track record- he rode 836k in 24hrs!
  • What did Drew learn about himself in doing the 24hr outdoor track attempt?
  • The non negotiable in Drew’s day to day.
  • What is the next dream for Drew Ginn?
  • The rituals and routines of Drew Ginn.

The Mojo Radio Show - © Gary Bertwistle & Darren Robertson