When all fails, when the lights become dim, time slows, and the inevitability closes in, its when one finds oneself.
— Drew Ginn

Life Experiences

This is one of those life experiences in which you bite off more than you can chew and then proceed to go like crazy to see if you can get through it.

Many months ago I set my sights on this challenge. The idea of attempting the Cycling World Record for 24hrs. To clarify there are three records, outdoor road course, indoor track and outdoor track. All of them now are within 15km total distance and none have yet to break the 900km mark published on the Ultra Cycling website.

This a significant personal challenge and one I am motivate to attempt for many reasons. Here's a link to my fundraising page which explains much of my motivation.


Do I really think I can do it?

Honestly I have know idea, I mean I have trained, planned and prepared for what is ahead, or at least for what I think is ahead. Reality is I really don't know whats fully required. Given I completed the 24hr Oppy Audax earlier in the year with Team Brevet (Story). I know I will do everything I can to be ready for the onslaught of fatigue, pain, tiredness, and the low's and highs. The reality however is I just don't know what it will really be like after 12 hrs or more lapping around a velodrome track solo.

Question is then, 'How to you prepare for the unknown?' Just deal with it, comes to mind. I think it will take a lot to complete and to attempt to ride at such a speed for that long will take everything I have. All my years as an athlete will become insignificant in the moment. If I fall short of the distance I am hoping to aim for I know that I will have face a challenge beyond my comprehension only 12 months ago. More importantly I know I will have made a difference to others through doing it and through using this challenge to support a great cause, Tour de Cure.

This just got really really serious

For a couple months now we have been working to find and secure a venue. Yesterday I was notified that Brunswick Cycling Club and the local Council confirmed we can use the track on the 27th & 28th Nov. 

I went out there for a ride and things became really really serious. I did an hour of laps and although the surface is not ideal I did love the feel of the place. A call today from my team leader Glen O'Rourke who will lead the support team on the ground for the 24hrs. He's said to me on the phone he's excited and how am I feeling. I stopped I said excited, and starting to become very nervous. In a good way though so now a venue is set and time and date. I feel the remaining weeks of preparing will become even more focused.

Brunswick Velodrome 27&28th Nov 2015



Further Information


Commencing on the afternoon of Friday the 27th of November, five-time world champion and triple Olympic gold medallist rower Drew Ginn will attempt to break the world 24 hour solo endurance cycling record.

The attempt which is being jointly run by Melbourne cycling clubs Melbourne Cycling League and the Brunswick Cycling Club will take place at the Brunswick Cycling Club’s velodrome located at Roberts Reserve in Harrison Street Brunswick East.

The current record on an outdoor track stands at 891 km’s which translates to an average speed of 37.2 km/h over the 24 hour period.

In preparing for the event, Drew says that the biggest training challenge has been dealing with how many motivational and emotional ups and downs occur on long endurance rides. Add to this is learning how to handle fatigue and staying awake when normally he’d be sleeping. 

When asked about his motivation for undertaking this sort of challenge, Drew said “My motivation to do the 24-hour solo attempt is simple, I love a challenge and can’t think of anything more demanding than trying to hold such a significant speed for a full day and night. There is no hiding, but along with being vulnerable and exposed, [a challenge like this] is so much of what life is about. Find something extreme, find yourself, find people who can help you, and finally find a reason to go through it all.”

Drew is also using the attempt to raise funds for cancer charity Tour de Cure which by his own admission is a particularly important “While I take on this challenge I will reflect on the passing of my mum when I was 11 years old, and the many family and friends impacted by cancer. If in some small way I can raise funds and direct support to this cause, it makes the challenge seem less overwhelming.”

The public are encouraged to come and support Drew during this attempt.

He will start rolling at 2pm on Friday the 27th and his progress can be tracked on social media via the #Ginn24 hashtag.

All media and sponsorship enquiries should be directed to Andrew Gooding at or on 0419 594421.